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Yeong-Ren Chen



Yeong-Ren Chen


Chair of Department

Current Position

Associated Professor of Dept. of Health and Welfare, University of Taipei


Dr.PH & MPH, School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York

BPH, National Taiwan University


Bureau Director, Secretary General, EPA

Commissioner of Environmental Protection,

Secretary general, and Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Government


Public Health, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences, Solid Wastes Management


Environmental Health, Public Health Surveillance and Detection, City Management, Preventive Medicine



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6 books in Chinese

Conference papers

  1. Chen.Y.R.,Hwang J.S.and Guo,Y.J.1994.Ecology and Control of Dengue Vector Mosquitoes in Taiwan, Kaohsiung J.Med.Sci(10)S78-87.
  2. Hwang,J.S. Wang,C.H. Chen,Y.R. Roam, G.D. and Chow,C.Y.1992. Successful Control of Aedes aegypti in Taiwan Through Community-Base Source Reduction. Dengue-a World Problem, a Common Strategy. Proc. Inter. Conf. Dengue and Aedes aegypti Community-Based Control (S.B. Halstead; H. Gomez-Dantes, eds.) PP.175-183, Ministry of Health, Mexico. (English)
  3. Hwang,J.S.,Hsu,E.L. and Chen,Y.R.1995.Investigations on the Density and Breeding Habitats of Aedes Mosquitoes in Dengue Epidemic Areas in Taiwan, Chinese J.Pub. Health ,Vol 14(3)228-236.

  1. Hwang,J.S. Chen,Y.R.2018.Dengue Fever Epidemic Features and Control Efficacies on Tainan in 2015.In FAOPMA pest summit Shenzhen 2018 Compilation of papers. Sept.26-29.pp 93-108
  2. Yeong Ren Chen.,Ji Sen Hwang. and Yu-Ning ChienEpidemic Trend of Dengue under High Awareness and Border Quarantine in Taiwan. The 22nd International Conference of Public Health Sciences Public Health and Public Health Sciences: The Challenges of changing Era. 2022 Oct.

Research Projects


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